Getting started


When your run NumHéros for the first time, you are invited to choose a language. Then a Welcome screen appears to introduce you and present the ethical rules to use NumHéros.

If you agree with terms you will be able to create your first profile. Fill carefully First Name, Middle Name, Surname, date of birth and sex. You can add as many as required profiles with the [ + ] button. You can remove a profile with [ – ] button as well. Then Save and Close the profile windows. Save profils with [ √ ] button.

Note : Double first names (e.g. Jean-Pierre) must be entered first name only (Middle Name could be blank).

At the bottom, you can see all existing profiles (if any).


Important note

With Sophianic Numerology, the author Pierre Lassalle starts the Personal Year on the day of your birthday and not on the day of the calendar year as do many other numerologists. This way of calculating also affects Personal Month.

This is based on the obvious fact that our first year and our adventure on earth begins at our birth …

Interpretation screen


Here is the main window of NumHéros. When you click on a calculation on the left, the interpretation on the right appears. Calculations are present in three categories:

  • Destiny : Calculations related the birth of date
  • Individuality: Calculations based on First, Middle Name and Surname.
  • Outlook : Calculation related to the current date (can be change)

Month screen


NumHeros presents a monthly view with the Prospective Numbers. By default, the Personal Day is displayed, but with the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen you can choose Personal Month, Personal Year or Eastern Rhythm.

Relationnal screen


When you entered two or more profiles, you can create relational charts with the people.

Make sure to select two different profiles and then select one of available Numbers. Interpretation will be present on the right window.





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