Sophianic Numerology from Pierre Lassalle

This book is an unprecedented spotlighting of Numerology, in which the author seeks and achieves a total redefinition!

He releases it from all esoteric pseudo-folklore and that mathematical-materialistic stuff that prevents the sincere seeker from gaining knowledge of it.

Do you like revelations? This book offers you many!

  • What is the real “source” of Numerology?
  • Can we meet this “source” and how?
  • What are Numbers really?
  • How can we think them in their true Trinitarian dimension?
  • Do they act within the human being?
  • How to “live them within yourself”?
  • Do they favor evolution? …

Welcome to the world of real Numerology! Open up a new vision and a radically different understanding, both lively and respectful …at last! However, the author is simplicity. Here is a practical book, accessible to all, even to novices! So play to learn!

  • What are the secrets of your date of birth?
  • The strengths of your name?
  • And your relationships?
  • And letters: what mysteries do they reserve for you?

For all your vital questions, find new discoveries and exclusive methods to experience for yourself! This book is like no other: dare compare! With it, you really encounter Numbers, and your whole life will benefit…


  • Author:Pierre Lassalle in collaboration with Céline Lassalle
  • Publisher: Terre de Lumière
  • Number of pages: 240
  • ISBN: 978-2-940448-30-2
  •  Available in french at Éditions Terre de Lumière