Forget the materialistic idea that Numbers are mathematical abstractions and open yourself up to another reality. Numbers are part of a universal wisdom that comes from spiritual entities directing human evolution. Numerology is an aid to understanding this wisdom at work in our lives, hence the name “Sophianic Numerology” as proposed by Pierre Lassalle in the book under the same name. (Terre de Lumière Publishing). The word “Sophianic” means “comes from wisdom”. NumHéros is the ideal ally designed to help you in the practice of this book for a totally innovative approach to Numerology.

NumHéros includes 30 distinct numerological calculations and more than 320 interpretations. This software will allow you to calculate your key numbers in an instant. Discover the interpretation of Numbers linked to your date of birth, name and surname. Quickly create relational charts with the people in your life. Check your numbers of the day for a specific date in order to plan and better understand your present, past and future life…

NumHéros’s Calculations

NumHéros offert many calculations present in Sophianic Numerology book from Pierre Lassalle. All your Numbers are calculated in one click for you and yours friends. Here are the calculations available :

Destiny calculations (date of birth)
  • Life Path
  • Life Mission
  • Quality of Life
  • Three Periods of Destiny
  • First Minor Challenge
  • Second Minor Challenge
  • Major Challenge
  • Five Achievements of Destiny
  • Five Challenges of Destiny
Individuality calculations (name)
  • Intimate Number
  • Number of Realization
  • Number of Expression
  • Number of Intention
  • Intimacy of Intention
  • Realization of Intention
  • Heroism or maturity


Outlook (calendar date)
  • Personal Year
  • Personnel Month
  • Personnel Day
  • Easter Rhythm
Relationnal Numerology
  • Union of Intimate Numbers
  • Intimate Numbers Challenge
  • Union of Numbers of Expression
  • Numbers of Expression Challenge
  • Union of Numbers of Realization
  • Numbers of Realization Challenge
  • Union of Life Paths
  • Union of Qualities of Life
  • Union of Life Missions
  • Union of Numbers of Heroism
  • Challenge of Numbers of Heroism


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